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Many Oregon homeowners aren’t aware that when you shower in your Portland home, your exposure to harmful chemicals is dramatically increased. This is largely because the volume of water that you are exposed to, and the fact that the shower actually heats and vaporizes these chemicals so that you will breathe them in as well as absorb them through your lungs and skin. Warm water can cause your skin to absorb harmful chemicals when you shower. 

If you’re looking for a top-notch water treatment system installed in your Portland home, look no further than the trusted water experts at Mick's Plumbing. Whether you need service and repair or a performance checkup, you can count on our Portland plumbers. We provide installation, service and maintenance on most major brands of water filtration systems.


Our Water Treatment & Purification Services in Portland

• Water Filtration and Softening Installation

• Water Purification

• Water Softening

• Water Filtering

• Anti-Scale Systems

• Whole House Filtration

• Water Treatments 

• Reverse Osmosis

• UV Filtration

• Carbon Filtration

• Clean Water

• Treat Water

Why Portland Should Hire Us for Water Treatment & Purification

At Mick's Plumbing, our plumbing technicians take pride in providing you with on time, professional water heater services when you need it. We always respect the clients home by wearing floor protectors over our shoes we clean up the work space after all work is complete. 

You will encounter not only expertly trained service, but Portland water filtration experts who are trained to provide you with a tailored service experience.


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